We’re killing our planet, the system is broken. We need new systems - let’s talk.




A global summit

March 2020

New Zealand


Let the conversation begin 

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) are one of the most anticipated applications of blockchain technology. This is the first time in history we, homo sapiens, have the means to coordinate in a global, trustless way to make collective decisions for a certain cause. We now have the power to build institutions at scale that are far more trustworthy and purpose driven than anything humanity has been able to build. The hope is that decentralised systems and DAOs have the potential to ultimately create better, fairer societies helping to solve the big problem of saving the finite resource we depend upon (the planet). It could also go very wrong.


The stakes just got bigger and the timeframes shorter with the announcement of Facebook Libra.  Libra want to go live next year and if successful, could become a global currency that transforms the global economy. The potential impacts of a global currency controlled by some of the biggest, richest and most influential corporations on the planet are huge. As a global community we need to talk about this urgently. 


New Zealand is hosting a summit focusing on the intersection of decentralised technologies and DAO’s for positive global impact. We want the worlds best (including the technologists, entrepreneurs, social impact makers, policy makers, politicians, investors, environmentalists, journalists, film makers etc) to physically come together, to learn, to collaborate, to laugh, to build relationships and start a journey of co-creating new organisations that will make the world a better place.

Details coming......

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